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Globe Valves have an extended use in many industrial applications such as oil&gas, chemical and petrochemical plants, thermal applications, fertilizer plants, etc... It's a metal seated design which could be suitable for a wide range of applications. The sealing is achieved due to the perfect tightness between the disc and the seat located in the valve's body.
The general service globe valves ensure a perfect performance and sealing for pressure ratings up to ASME Class 900#. For high sizes and pressure ratings up to 2500# Pressure seal bonneted models are available, performing a higher sealing force as internal pressure is increased. These straight pattern configurations provide large pressure drops across the valve.
Our globe valves come with a variety of end connections: Flanged type, as standard, comes with Raised Face (RF) according to ASME Class 150#, 300# and 600#, and with Ring-Type-Joint flanges (RTJ) for Class ratings of 900# and 1500#. Butt welded ends can also be supplied, with schedule according to customer specifications.